Youth In Harmony

With funding cutbacks and a shift in focus toward meeting national education goals, music and the arts have been cut back severely in our elementary schools, middle schools and high schools, and a second generation of young people is growing up with little exposure to the art of making music. The Orange Empire Chorus believes that students should have the opportunity to learn musical skills in school and we vigorously support our local school music programs by

  • funding choir concerts and tours
  • sponsoring high school students for participation in honor choirs

We also give students the opportunity to learn about singing in harmony by

  • sponsoring their attendance at Diva Day and Young Men's Harmony Festival harmony camps
  • coaching student quartets on their high school campuses
  • organizing student choruses to compete at youth barbershop harmony festivals

We want to show students that making music is not something to be left to professionals or pop stars, but something that they can enjoy as part of their daily lives with family and friends. We do this with a combination of

  • volunteer labor by our members
  • proceeds from our annual Harmony Under the Stars benefit show
  • donations from our members and supporters

Please join us in making the world a better place.

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