Charmony Hosts Comedy Contest

Charmony  served as the judging panel for Southern California Comedy Quartet Contest. 

When the Orange Quartet Chapter asked Charmony (from left:  Mystery Baritone, Ashley Wisznievski, Valerie Hernandez, Samantha Stapish-Higa) to be the judges at their Comedy Quartet Contest and sing a couple of songs to kick it off, they were very excited.  They were honored to be asked and glad for the opportunity to perform.  To prepare, they rehearsed twice a week for several weeks.  There is nothing like performance pressure to focus attention on improving your craft. 

Coach Tom Nichols worked with them to help them get ready and saw them make big improvements in their singing and stage presence.  They were feeling good about that and really looking forward to their performance.  Then Rachel, the baritone, much to her own dismay, told the quartet that due to family issues she would not be able to perform on that day.  Ashley, Val and Sam were all disappointed and worried about Rachel, but decided to go ahead with the performance anyway.  Fortunately, they found a substitute and went on with the show.