Join Us

Join the Orange Empire Chorus

Guests are present at nearly every meeting. (We call them rehearsals.) Some just want to listen and observe. That's fine. Most guests want to find out if singing with us is something they would like to try. We'd love to give you the opportunity. Either way, you will be greeted by our Vice President of Chapter Development (that's a fancy name for membership guy). He will have you sign in and find out what you expect from your visit.

What to Expect

If you are thinking about joining us, here's how it will go: During the first rehearsal you attend, our director or one of our associate directors will take you aside to find out what barbershop voice part you are best suited to sing. He may ask you to sing some simple scales and parts of songs to find out what your voice sounds like in the lead, bass, baritone and tenor ranges. He will suggest a voice part for you to try and acquaint you with someone in the chorus who sings that part to help you get started. He will give you a guest book containing sheet music for the songs the chorus is rehearsing so that you can sing along.

At subsequent rehearsals, you will get more information regarding the membership procedure, but for now, just have fun!

Where We Meet

Our rehearsals take place every Tuesday from 7:00pm to 9:30pm in the Fellowship Hall of First Presbyterian Church of Fullerton. Guests are welcome at any time.