Join Us for Singing and Ice Cream

Come join us at our Ice Cream Social on May 4 as the Orange Empire Chorus shares old favorites and fun. The show is at 2:00PM in the Fellowship Hall at

First Presbyterian Church
838 N Euclid St
Fullerton, California

Tickets are available for $25 each at (714) 871-7675. Please order your tickets in advance - seating is limited.

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The OC Student Union Slays 'Em at Mid-Winter Convention

Our youth chorus, The OC Student Union, performed at the 2018 Internation Barbershop Youth Festival in Costa Mesa. Choral directors from five local high schools selected 24 of their students to participate. We got them together for 12 hours of rehearsal to learn a hilarious set of zombie-themed songs. After their performance at the Orange County Performance Arts Center, they enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame as they were mobbed for selflies in the theater lobby by students from all over the world. 

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No No Nonet Performs at Diva Day

Our La Habra High School Students barbershop ensemble made a big splash at the annual Diva Day festival for young women. 

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Youth quartet wins comedy contest

Glasses Half Full, a quartet of young men from La Habra High School, won the 2016 Southern California Comedy Quartet Contest.  Mike Werner presented the trophy to tenor Jaysson Yriarte, baritone Mark Halsig, lead Justin Gabriel, and bass Andy Au.  With two members graduating in May, Mark and Andy joined the quartet to fill the empty slots, and the quartet worked through the summer to prepare for the contest.  A coaching session with Metropolis bass and comedic genius Brian Philbin helped them with their comedy chops.

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These Are the Good Old Days

Twenty years from now the songs people remember will be the ones playing on the radio today.


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Why doesn't everyone sing?

"Everybody needs to know how to sing, because it's an important part of who we are." - Deke Sharons


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Choir singing improves health, happiness – and is the perfect icebreaker

We recently read this great article. Heres an excerpt... 

A decade ago, any mention of a choir would probably have brought Sunday morning hymns to mind. But there’s been a revolution in attitudes towards joining the local choir. Adding well-known, mainstream music to the repertoire, the small screen appeal of television choirmaster Gareth Malone, and the increased visibility of choirs such as Rock Choir and Popchoir, have attracted a new crowd to the idea of the communal singalong. It is estimated that an incredible 2.8m Britons are now members of a choir.

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